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SAO 146108 Zeta Aquarii DB

Got out last night with three different set ups. One imaging with the newt, a push-to refractor for the moon, and my 80mm WO refractor on a GOTO alt-az for doubles (Skywatcher az gti... absolutely loving it, btw).

I'd dipped my toe into the world of double trouble last week in between thunderstorms and was thoroughly entranced by Rasalgethi. I wanted more and so worked through the (very short) list of doubles on the skywatcher double star list and only Zeta Acquarii stopped me.

Got out last night, seeing seemed good and the split was on. I started with Rasalgethi again (who wouldn't! I'd observe it every night if I could) then got to business.

- Scope/EP, magnification, filters used
William optics zenithstar 81 F6.9
Baader Zoom mk 4 at 8mm, 12mm.
GSO 2x ED barlow
Mag: 140X

- Seeing/Transparency/Wind
Unsure how to measure the first two, but it was calm. Thermometer on the focus wheel of scope read -12C, so I'd call it quite chilly. Ambient would've been around -1 I reckon.

- Moon phase

- Altitude, Magnitude, Constellation
Altitude when observed was +38
Mag 4.4 and 4.5, separation 2.3"(?) Reports on separation vary a lot.

- Description of what you saw
Previous attempt (with same gear) was an elongation of a single star. This night showed a clear black lane separating two dots of the same size. I thought one was yellower and the other bluer, but after subsequently splitting A crux I thought maybe the bluer one was just me noticing a tiny bit of CA? The brightness of A crux really seemed to bring out the CA still left in this design. A mate switfly informed me that CA is no big deal when splitting doubles, citing Struve's sensational splits... happy to have mates to like that to keep things in check!

- Sketch
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