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If I mod my 1000d ....

If I replaced the ir filter over the CMOS with the clear glass, could I then by an astrnomik ir eos clip to replace it??? Would it serve the same function?

I'd like to mod mine, but if just got Ms White Rabbit into photography (she uses my 1000d) and if I start making things complicated she my shy away. I'd like to progress her up to Astrophotoraphy at a later stage, you can see where I'm going with this....

So would an eos clip serve the same function?

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the custom white balance works on my modded cam..it has some trouble indoors in low light but i just adjust the temp colours using software
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EOS Clip is incompatible with stock EF-S lenses.
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I modded my 1000D by removing the filter....
Can still use it OK for "home stuff" just a matter of setting up the Custom White balance.....
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Thanks for the replys guys.

I know you can set up the custom WB on the camra but if you dont need to do that if you install an IR clip into the camera that would be great. It would essentially put you camera back to a pre modded state.

I know the stock lenses dont work (tried it) but my 200mm and my 105 do as i use it with my CLS filter in the camera. Thats what started me thinking about this in the first place.

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I would suggest different approach to this problem ...

First, you introduce Ms WR to astro photography (quite possible with un-modded camera).

Then you start telling her how much more you can image with IR filter removed..

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