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Spacers question

I thought I would put this in a separate thread here rather than cluttering up Joshua's custom spacer thread.

I am going to get him to make up some spacers for me so I can go from my thin OAG to camera and from the OAG to the reducer I use on my SCT in one step rather than the frankenspacers I am using now. Less things to screw together is less things to drop in the dark if I have to take the camera off for any reason.

Both can be pretty simple spacers, to the camera all I need is a plain female threaded T thread spacer of a specific length, the other side will be male T thread to a stepped shoulder where a tube nut will fix it to the reducers threads.

Obviously I will be wanting to have baffles on the insides of both to reduce reflection issues before they are anodised black. Are there any reflection implications to the baffle being simply a female thread?

For the female to female T thread spacer the simplest baffle would be to thread it internally from end to end rather than T threads at both ends and turned steps/baffles between the two threaded ends. the only comparable spacer I have is a female T thread turned from end to end but it is only 11mm long.
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