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New QSI 600 Series Cameras

From Kevin Nelson (QSI Imaging) on the Yahoo QSI user group:

"We are very pleased to announce the new 600 Series line of cameras.
600 Series cameras are based on the same mechanical design as the 500
Series but with all new electronics and greater cooling.

600 Series cameras have 2 significant improvements from the 500 Series:

1) Dual Read Rates --

500 Series cameras are optimized for low light applications with a
relatively slow read rate of roughly 400,000 pixels per second. 600
Series cameras have a High Quality mode which is about 50% faster
than the 500 Series, and a High Speed mode of approximately 8 million
pixels per second. This allows the new 683 to download a full-frame
bin 1x1 image in slightly more than a second. Most astronomers will
benefit from the higher signal to noise ratio of the High Quality mode
for most of their imaging, but the High Speed mode is very handy for
focusing and framing, or outreach events where speed and immediacy
are more important than squeezing out the highest possible SNR.

2) Greater Cooling --

600 Series cameras have a new cooling subsystem with a custom 2-stage
TEC that yields standard air cooling of greater than 45C below the
ambient temperature. This allows 600 Series cameras to achieve a
regulated temperature of -20C even on very warm nights of close to
80F. We know that lots of astronomers, especially those in the hot
southwest and humid southeast will appreciate the greater cooling.

There are some other benefits beyond these two "big ones". We
have basic information up on our web site today. We'll update the
web site with additional details over the next couple of weeks.


Pre-orders can be placed immediately. Cameras will be delivered in the
order received. We expect to begin shipping 683 models in 6 to 8 weeks,
620 and 640 models 2 to 3 weeks later, then 604, 616 and 632 models a
few weeks after that. 500 Series cameras will continue to be available
and remain an exceptional value for Deep Sky Imagers.

Upgrade Policy

We have a very generous offer for recent buyers of QSI 500 Series cameras.

Any pending camera orders can be converted to 600 Series models.
Please contact QSI Sales if you wish to convert any unshipped orders
to a 600 Series model. Orders shipped since March 1, 2011 can be
upgraded to a 600 Series model starting at $750. Please contact QSI
sales for upgrade details. We'll post complete details to the web site in
the next few days.

At some point in the (hopefully) fairly near future, we plan to offer an
upgrade path for current 500 Series camera owners. We will make an
announcement when that option becomes available. Today, only cameras
shipped since March 1st are eligible to be upgraded to 600 Series

New Internal 8-position Color Filter Wheel

Due to overwhelming demand from imagers with permanent or
remote observatories, we've added an option for an 8-position Color
Filter Wheel. The 8-position CFW will initially be available only
with new 600 Series cameras. After we catch up with the expected
surge of orders, we plan to offer an upgrade path for 500 Series
customers. Stay tuned.

The cost to upgrade a new 600 Series WS model to the 8-position CFW
(WS-8) is only $300. You'll be amazed at how compact the camera still
is even with the 8-position CFW. If you're at NEAF, please come by
our booth for a first-hand look. For the rest of you, we'll post pictures
on our web site in the next week or so, just as soon as we can get the
product shoot scheduled.

WS and WSG versions are available with the 8-position CFW. A key
benefit is that the back focus remains identical to the current WS and
WSG models so no different adapters are required."
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