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Old 17-01-2019, 10:48 AM
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Space can be distorted either in or out.

Hi All
I am sticking my neck out on this, feel free to chop off my head…
Having been with this forum for a few years, I thought this the best place to offer a new theory (well at least new to me).
A submission to Physical Review D is a bit too intimidating at this stage, especially without the maths.
And I do need help with the maths.

I may be on the money, or away with the fairys…who knows 😊

Here it is:
Spacial Tension. (Spacial is a new word, not a typo)

Space and time can be distorted either in or out.
Spacial Tension creates relevant movement…of anything…and energy.

A mass causes inward distortion (ID).
Relevant movement of 2 masses causes outward distortion (OD).
I call the distortion ‘Spacial Tension’.
It can be negative (attractive) or positive (repulsive) or zero.

Spacial Tension explains and unifies gravity, magnetism, electro static forces and the strong and weak nuclear forces.

Some theoretical examples:
Two stationary objects move toward each other due to the gravitational force (ID).
Between these objects the ‘spacial tension’ is negative.

Apply a force to any object (F=MA) and it will move (OD).
In this situation the ‘spacial tension’ is positive.

A rocket produces thrust by ejecting matter and creating relative movement and therefore OD (+ve).
An aeroplane wing and the airflow creates relative movement and therefore OD (+ve).
A magnet produces spacial tension.
A spinning object would have relative movement to objects nearby and therefore create ‘spacial tension’.
An orbiting electron quantum state would be an area of space / time where the ‘spacial tension’ is zero.
Positive and negative electric charges create spacial tension.
The strong and weak nuclear forces are a result of spacial tension.

Lead up to the maths:

Starting with Isaac Newton.
Newton’s First Law:
An object will remain at rest and an object in motion will continue in motion with a constant velocity unless it experiences a net external force.
Inertial Frames.
An inertial frame of reference is one which an object, subject to no force, moves with constant velocity. That is, a reference frame in which Newton’s first law (above) is valid is called an inertial frame.
I would re write Newtons first law:
Within any inertial frame:
An object will remain at rest if the Spacial Tension is zero.
An object in motion is moving through an area of Spacial Tension greater or less than zero.
Newtons Second Law:
The acceleration of an object is directly proportional to the resultant force acting on it and inversely proportional to its mass. F=MA
I would re write Newtons Second law:
The acceleration of an object is directly proportional to the strength of Spacial Tension and the objects mass.
Newton’s Third Law:
If two bodies interact, the force exerted on body 1 by body 2 is equal and opposite the force exerted on body 2. F12 = - F21.
I would re write Newton’s third law:
If two bodies are interacting, they will move in accordance with the strength and direction (- / +ve) of the Spacial tension that exists between them.

Next the Law of Universal Gravitation, Kepler and a few others.
And then relativity and quantum mechanics.
What a nightmare…

Peter Kestel 17/01/2019
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Old 25-01-2019, 02:37 PM
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My first experiment to create Spacial Tension.

The lead test weight is suspended between to steel discs spinning at about 10,000 rpm in opposite directions.
The weight clearly moves to one side.
Reverse direction of the discs and it moves the other way.
I will now repeat the experiment in a evacuated chamber...

Peter Kestel 25-01-2019
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Old 26-01-2019, 08:09 AM
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Sorry Guys

After adding a shroud to mostly eliminate air currents, the result was not conclusive at all.
Maybe some movement, maybe not.
It would take a lab to prove either way.

It may appear I was enjoying a trip with the fairys after all.

Considering what is happening on our planet with regards to the burning of fossil fuels, I am getting desperate, and prepared to make a fool of myself...
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