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Wandering Earth movie

I did not see it, only the trailers, but it should be a spectacular movie.
But the 'reason' for the event: that the Sun gets a red giant making Earth uninhabitable and Earth get many thrusters to move it to Alpha Centauri. But that happening in only 25 years, which is absolutely nonsense. This takes billions of years.
Any ideas on this ?
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I didn't see movie but read the story it was based on.

It was a scientific fiction so I think the author does have some freedom to setup basics, like that in 2075 people found the original calculations predicting the sun would keep stable for another 5billion years were wrong but new evidences for an imminent helium flash were convincing, is acceptable for me.

Just like in movie 2012, neutrinos from the sun heat up the core of the Earth is equally absurd, we know neutrinos can get through light years thick of lead wall with most of them not interacting with the wall as if they were running through vacuum, but I can also accept something like"new evidence found if neutrinos come in certain density they can suddenly interact with matter, it was not known by people before 2009..."

The earrh thrusters and the idea of igniting hydrogen from Jupiter and oxygen from Earth to bounce the earth away are not acceptable for me, the earth is 5 million times as massive to all the oxygen in it's atmosphere. From my calculations it's like a kid onbaord a ship is trying to change the course significantly by blowing with his own mouth. This makes the story silly.

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