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Earth Moon image from Mars orbit

Image taken (I think) in 2007 by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter of an Earth Moon vista over 160 million kilometres away
Looking at this image you canít help thinking how fragile our home planet is in the void of space and vastness of the universe
This photo should be a reminder that we all have to take care of our little planet and take care of each other ( a statement used by the Apollo astronauts nearly 50 years ago and still stands true today and into the future )
Words of wisdom !
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Certainly gives a proper perspective on our place - I guess that's what astronomy does for us.
On a small section of that cooling molten-core blue globe travelling around its star, against absolutely extraordinary odds, biological evolution began & progressed and after billions of years the intelligent & conscious self-aware species dominated. Trying to understand it all they realised philosophy & invented simple creation stories creating religion, then dispensing with it through education/enlightenment when realising science.
The intelligent creatures then understood the natural selection & distribution of species & how they arrived at this point in history. They invented telescopes & came to understand the universe's origins, their galaxy and their actual position in it!
They invented microscopes, they used their science to decipher the actual building-blocks of matter, constructed apparatus to communicate over long distances using generated radio waves, they built manned rockets able to escape the planet's gravity, orbit their planet then to land & walk on their moon & look back at their home. They sent probes to explore the other planets then looking back, taking images of their home planet together with its moon & sent images back to their planet. Their probes have continued on, exiting their solar system, still transmitting.
They created The Jerry Springer Show and gangster rap. These are truly all mind-blowing magnificent achievements!
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Very thought provoking shot!
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