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I checked my astrobin gallery. Nebs and galaxies are pretty much 50-50 with globs coming in 3rd and planetaries a distant 4th
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Originally Posted by codemonkey View Post
"spiraly sh*t"
Sounds like the perfect name for the galaxy section in our club AP competition, Lee
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Originally Posted by codemonkey View Post
my wife, who tends to grunt and mumble "spiraly sh*t" when I show her one of my galaxy photos.
I'd stay away from 'Ring' galaxies then.

Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
Beg to differ.

So do I Peter. I have had no issues with my Baaders.

And to answer the question at the start, neither, asteroids are my go.
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Is it in the sky ? I'll shoot it !
Mainly Nebs though. galaxies and planets don't suit my setup really but I like to try whenever the opportunity presents. Solar can be interesting even just in white light if anything is on the surface, can't quite afford a PST much as I'd like to. Might rent the ASTRONZ PST scope for a month or so if the sun starts to do anything interesting. I still enjoy a bit of 'lunacy' as well, especially along the terminator to get that 3D effect of the shadows.
But clouds ain't my thing at all ...
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Originally Posted by LewisM View Post
Logan, JUST DO IT!

I image from a HORRID red zone - and I image strictly OSC and I don't care! Just take your time. Whatever. There is no rush pumping out a buzzillion images.

Most important thing about AP is do it for fun, personal satisfaction and enjoyment, not to impress people (that's called Wankology ).

Get out there and capture photons! You'll discover what you prefer. Yes, I like the seldom imaged obscurities and the dark 'n dusty. Grabbing little PN's, even if the resolution/scale is crap doesn't phase me in the least.
I completely agree. Just image for yourself, everything has its own challenges so challenge yourself by doing them all. Also throw in comets, theres usually a few around to chase down and even with difficulties in getting them they can be very beautiful jewels on their own and satisfying to catch. Push the limits of your gear and your own skills.
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