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glend (Glen)
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Modding Nikon D5300 -D5600s

I ran across this tutorial on how to disassemble a D5300 to remove the hot mirror filter. Importantly its the only disassembly instruction set i could find. It should apply to the D5500 and D5600 as well. You would need to get a clear UV IR Cut filter from Astronomics of the right size to make it full spectrum, which would go in place of the IR filter shown in the tutorial.


I am not game to mod my new camera right now, but someone might want to try it.
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AstroApprentice (Jason)
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Or buy one already modded here:
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Glen, you should point it at a strong Ha emitter like Eta Carinae or the Lagoon and see how it fares.

My hunch is that it might do fairly well without modding - the Fujifilm X-series, that use the same Sony sensors, let a lot more through than your average Canon.

My point is that the gains from modding may be less than perceived, for those of used to Canon sensors, which seem to do quite well once unshackled from their aggressive IR-cut.
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glend (Glen)
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Will do Dunk. I am not about to mod my new Nikon anyway.
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Attached are unmodified D3300 images with and without channel multipliers. Perhaps this is an element of raw image processing that has not received a lot of attention and modding certain cameras may be 'acceptably' unnecessary? Reflecting on Dunk's comments...
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