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Smile My "New" TeleVue NP101is for CCD imaging

Hello guys,

In 2016, i sold my SBIG ST-10XME for one Moravian G4-16000. I wanted to use this big chip with my TeleVue NP101is and its native TeleVue focuser. The heavy load of the CCD train was a bit too much for the native focuser, a lot of tilt and flexions.

So, i decided to change the TeleVue focuser for a new steady mounting. Two french companies (Vertex and SkyMeca) have worked to me for the conception. About the focuser, finally, i've choosen the FLI ATLAS.

This weekend, Vertex is come at home for the final mounting. This is the pictures :



The old mounting with the native TeleVue focuser :


The new mounting for the TeleVue LCL-1069 corrector for big CCD chip :

Now the heavy load of the CCD train is supported by a second big adapter and the FLI ATLAS. The TeleVue corrector is just screwed in another adapter inside the 3" SkyMeca SkyTrack OAG.



I wait a clear sky to test that. PRISM v10 software will be used for imaging, pulse guide, astrometry, focusing, star map.

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Well Done ..... nice bit of gear .... should work good now.

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Looks good, Florent! I have an Atlas which I use on a FSQ-106ED and a Ceravolo 300 with a heavy (Apogee U16M) camera and it's a great focuser.

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The new setup looks very solid
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That's a beautiful looking bit of kit
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Thank you guys

You can see on my images that the Vertex adapter tube has the same diameter that the main NP101is white tube. That allows to install one of the two TeleVue rings and the Losmandy dovetail plate before the rear cell to add extra rigidity and to prevent flexure issues with the load of the FLI ATLAS + CCD camera.

This new mounting should provide a perfect rigidity for high quality images from the huge KAF-16803 chip.

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