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Old 17-09-2018, 08:37 PM
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redbeard (Damien)
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Ha ha, all good,

I totally understand, I have many hobbies and they are all wanting all of my time. My latest is working on a way to get 32 hours out of 1 day! Although, I think I will need more than an Arduino for that, lol.

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Old 20-09-2018, 11:54 AM
XType2001 (Tom)
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Originally Posted by ninja2 View Post
Success! Thanks for the Jaycar clue redbeard, although your warning on cost was all too true ... $29.95 for a USB-RS232 cable ... a bit ridiculous (although I did get a $9 refund when I took the MSY cable back)

Anyway finally I'm connected, now onto the next issue...

Being completely unfamiliar with Autostar Suite I was trying to work out how to test the comms. When I noticed "Downloading, do not turn off" on the Handbox screen. haha, it's probably reinstalling A4S1 over my A3S5, great

I am planning to load A1F7 (based on Andrew's earlier post) but I need some pointers on how to do this. I have Autostar Suite V5.53 installed and started looking in the manual but there's a lot to absorb. Is there a better reference focussed on loading a different firmware into the handbox?

For example one the StarGPS downloads site I see 'BuildAUA1F7.rom recommended' one the right, and a number of related Patches on the left. I'm guessing I download just the .rom file to the Autostar Updater library ... somehow?

Also, is there a simple test string that I can send to the handbox using Telescope > Test Serial in Autostar Suite, to verify good comms in future?

Hi Ninja2, I'm a newbie and experiencing similar ETX90/ Starpatch downloading issues thru Ser232/USB connection. Did you ever fix completely?
Where would I find the "Older Drivers" (apart from the retirement village at the end of my street!)
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Old 20-09-2018, 03:02 PM
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ninja2 (Chris)

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Gudday XType2001/Tom,

I've been getting great inputs and guidance from people in the know since starting this thread, so if you read the rest of this thread you'll probably get the answers you need.

Although in the last bunch of posts I'm dealing with hardware issue that may not apply to you. But before that I did have the comms working using the Jaycar cable, albeit briefly


PS: as an "older driver" I get inspiration from my motto: "the older I get, the faster I was ... "
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