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Mega Pixels

Just starting out on the joys of astrophotography and I was wondering as I have a limited budget I was thinking of purchasing a body only slr camera. What should I look for and where would the best deals be to purchase locally?
Will I still need to look at a camera that has 10 meg pix or would a 6 meg pix do? Thanks.
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The Canon 400D is probably the best DSLR around if you're on a budget. At 10mp, you'll get better resolution than the Canon 300D - but if money is very tight, the 6mp 300D will do very well and lots of great imagers are using the 300D.
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I agree with Mike, 400D body-only is a very good start.
I am using it with some russian M42 lenses (for example Tair-11A 135mmF2.8, you can get it for ~$50-$70 on ebay, via adapter) and the results are very good, the images are very sharp in the centre (just slightly distorted at corners)
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Thanks for your replies.
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If you check the 30D on eBay, they are also now starting to go for under the $800 mark for body only. The 30D, while being only 8.2 Megapixel, uses a battery with twice the capacity of that in the 400D. Most of their features are almost identical, with the 30D having some slight advantages in some areas (min. shutter speed, frame rate) which gives it an advantage for non-astro use.

You should also figure out your angular pixel size to see if the 8 or 10 megapixel camera is a better match to your OTA.
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