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Logitech Webcam C510 HD

Anyone had a look at one of these new beasties yet ?
Relatively cheap HD, (1280 x 720 - 2 Mega pixels ) for $68NZ. I've seen listed for about $50 US but supposedly extremely good colour and definition from user reviews.
At that price could be a good starter option for an astro webcam modification project.

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Don't know if you'll be able to modify one of them, unless you stick it in a new box. Looks like the whole front of the camera, lens included, is integrated into the body of the camera.
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This fella has had a go at modding one.
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Life Cam webcam HD

I have seen the HD Life Cam do really well on Saturn and the moon. Brings out some wonderful details of the moon and if seeing conditions permit Saturn also. They don't cost a lot and are almost ready made for the 1 1/4 focuser hole. So it doesn't take a lot to get one going to observe with.
Here is an example link to one. http://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-Life...uct/B002MCZJ78

Hope this helps some future person who may want to observe with a webcam.

Jim NC
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Hack, smack. I'd expect to modify it and now I know where the little important screws are. Ta for the link.
The guy who did it though did not realise that the 8 megapixel is software generated. 1280 x 720 is till a lot better than 640 x 480 and I'm interested to see how the new technology does with colour and low light levels.
I will have a hunt around. Add it to my 'Project' list.
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