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Ngc 1097 + 1097a

Hi All,

I remember about four years ago near Bigga NSW at a Three Rivers Foundation star party, the sight of this most shapely galaxy through another 25" 'scope with Steve Gottlieb and Gary Mitchell made me think: "Gee ... I gotta get one of these"! Two years later in August 2018 my hope was realised and I had one of my own at last.
A few nights ago I went back and made an eyepiece sketch from home of the 45 million ly distant barred spiral (with a bright Seyfert II nucleus): NGC 1097 and its small dwarf companion NGC 1097A. Personally, I think this is the most beautiful of all the barred spirals -- the "Audrey Hepburn" of barred spirals if you like. This completed final sketch is closely based on a rough preliminary made with red torchlight at the eyepiece. 63.5cm f/5, 12mm TII Nagler @ x260 16/11/2020. North is up and East to the left. The field is 19 arc minutes diameter.


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Nice observing record of the night, the luxury of aperture and dark skies. Will be interesting what the view is like in the 317mm f6 when I get to dark skies again.
Thanks for the post.
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Wonderful sketch Les. Makes a change from the AP lot with their hundreds of 5 minute subs. I don't think my meagre 18" could see as much, I have yet to make out the arms on this spiral, only see the elongated centre and the faint blob of the companion.
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Well Les..you just cant beat aperture..I see the core easily in Sydney high overhead and like M77, M83, M104, N253 And Ngc 3116 (the Bright spindle) its something I show others, even in a 5 inch refractor when the viewing is favourable..nice report too.

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Nice report Les, and a tidy sketch too. Once again your post elicits strong waves of aperture envy.
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