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Observation report 27-09-14

This was one of my rare trips up to Stockport and i'm glad I made the effort to go.

I got setup nice and early and had a quick look at Saturn but it wasn't very good, fortunately the night got better.

Once it was dark I started on the regular tour through the center of the galaxy. M6, M7, M8, M17. I am so out of practice this took me ages to find. Then a quick look at some of the GC in Sagitarius.

NGC7293 Helix Nebula. For some reason I had never been able to find this but I got a look at it in someone elses scope and then went on the hunt myself and finally got it. Now that I have seen it I wonder why it was so hard, it is big and bright. To the naked eye the central region is dimmer with the brighter outer ring. Overall it had a mottled appearance.

Then I went on a galaxy hunt and found more than I had in one night before.

NGC253 Sculptor Galaxy. I started here as I new where to find it. The sky was getting clearer as the night went on, I could see more of the outer fainter regions than I usually see.

NGC288 A GC on the way over to galaxy NGC289. Continuing south to NGC300 then west(up) to NGC55.

My next target was the Grus triplet which has until now eluded me. I moved to the area where they should be and there they were all 3 of them NGC7582 NGC7590 NGC7599 they just popped into view. Is there something about looking at similar object first before you go on a hunt?

I tried to find some in Fornax but I was getting tired and a bit lost. I did find one but couldn't tell you what it was.

To finish the night off Andromeda had risen enough that by moving the scope over a bit I could get M31 through a gap in the trees. I had seen this before but this was a much clearer view, the air must have clear to the north as this is very low in the sky.

All in a very good night, now I just have to get back into the habit of taking proper notes.
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