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1x1 for RGB gives you greater flexibility when processing a data set. 1x1 chrominance data can be used to generate a synthetic luminance given each filter's spectrum when combined closely equates to a luminance filter. Its not 100% however. I often perform a synthetic lum to match a Ha lum to provide a better match with the strong Ha data set. As alluded, you can also simply use the red filtered data for luminance if captured 1x1. You simply processing the data set in a different way. Possibilities are endless.
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We need to lock you in a room with a wordprocessor Jase and get you to record what you know (even 50% would keep most of us busy for a long time I suspect).

One thing I learned eventually when starting out with the DSLR - there's rarely a "right" way to do it. Helps to follow the general rules, but eventually you'll want to explore the effect of filters, ISO, exposure time, processing etc, etc.

Expecting the same thing with mono CCD learning curve. Pays to follow the rules most of the time while starting, but plenty to learn and explore on the capture and processing front. That's what I signed up for.

Thanks again Frank for kicking off such an educational discussion.
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