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Tech v sun

Waiting for solar noon at 12.21pm in Adelaide......10 am till 12.18pm bright sunlight beautiful, 12.18pm and 1 second till 12.25pm total cloud and driving rain, 12.25pm onward bright sunlight, and the old school people wonder why we want to use our phones and technology....
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Immutable Laws of Astronomy

1 - Arrival of new astronomy purchases creates cloud cover to stormy weathy proportional to the value of the gear
2 - Setting up of equipment and watching the clock for critical event times attracts clouds which are inquisitive to see whats going on.

* It is because of Law 2 that its been proven the great floods as recorded in biblical texts as well as other ancient myths was due to the first announced prediction of a solar eclipse NOT used to terrorise or extort wealth from the population.
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