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Skyshed Pier

Hi all,

I've been give the go ahead form the finance & aesthetics committee to install a telescope pier in the front yard. Done a bit of research and like the look of the Skyshed telescope pier:


I like the relative ease of install and the fact that you can alter the level and orientation post install (no mucking about with aligning the scope to true south).

Unfortunately not many overseas suppliers ship to Australia & if they do it costs almost as much as the pier itself! So I'm hoping someone in the community can help me. Are there any Australian retailers that supply this mount? If not, has anyone bought one from an overseas retailer?



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This is too expensive.

Any metal worker can help you with pier...

Or you can pour the concrete one, using cardboard tube as mould.

My pier cost me ~$200 total (including concrete base and adapter for EQ6.
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I agree with Bojan just find an old gas pipe, weld a plate on top, drill some holes and then paint it. Much cheaper than buying from OS. If you can’t weld it yourself then get it done by your local fabricator.
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I agree with the above why would you spend so much on what is really a very expensive metal post

Just do your own plate on top
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Hi Rene ,
Look in the phone book or google a metal fabrication place take a picture of what you want and they can make it for you , make sure you tell them the height you want .It should cost about $200 to $300 My pier is 1mx100mmx.5mm pipe I have eq6 mount and my pier is a little to tall I have three steel plates 10mmx250mmx250mm one is the base plate the other two are for the mount and adjustment
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