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Quantum dot image sensors

A 25 Feb 2020 article at IEEE Spectrum reports on quantum dot image

Originally Posted by Peter Palomaki and Sean Keuleyan, IEEE Spectrum
The CMOS image sensor has dominated cameras for nearly 20 years, but quantum dots may take its place.

In the early 2000s, the commercialization of CMOS image sensors led to smaller and smalleróand cheaper and cheaperódigital cameras. Now the thinnest of mobile phones contains at least two camera modules, and all except the most dedicated photographers have stopped carrying a separate camera, concluding that the camera sensors in their phones take pictures that are good enough.

But do they? In bright sun, parts of an image are often washed out. In low light, images become grainy and unclear. Colors do not quite pop like those taken with a professional camera. And those are just the problems with cameras that record visible light. Although it would be great to have night vision in our cameras, infrared sensors cost a lot more for much poorer image quality than their visible-light brethren.

Itís time for another revolution in imaging technology. This one will be brought to you by the quantum dot, a nanometer-size particle of semiconductor material, which acts much differently from its bulk counterpart.
Full article here :-
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Very cool stuff. Good for IR imaging.
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