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Old 21-06-2011, 10:27 PM
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RonPrice (RonPrice)
Mr Ron Price

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Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: George Town, Tasmania, Australia
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Glorious learning

SPACEFILES: The Universe Unveiled is available on DVD in a 260 minute package. On TV the DVD comes in various configurations: 26 x 10, 13 x 20, 8 x 30, 5 x 50, 4 x 60 etc. I am told the series is excellent for internet streaming and e-learning. I have watched three short segments on SBSONE(1) in Tasmania in three 10 minute segments. One was this afternoon just after my wife finished cleaning the lounge-room and I finished my lunch as a dozen years of my retirement from FT work have just been completed and my extensive involvement in Baha'i community building has been significantly decreased in this the evening of my life.

is a visual compendium of space and astronomy presenting, in a uniquely flexible format, the solar system, our galaxy, and the universe beyond. Each programme or “file” offers a crisp, intelligent, picture-driven story. As a series SPACEFILES is a comprehensive tour de force; indeed it is enthralling. The 26 “files” comprise an incredible overview of our cosmic habitat. A flow of superb graphic animation and the latest images of the planets, their moons, the Sun and deep space deliver a stimulating visual exposition uninterrupted by interviews or an on-screen host. After only 3 episodes I am hooked; I should seriously think of going down to the video shop and getting the DVD. I don’t tend to be a DVD borrower in this the evening of my life, on a pension and keeping my eye on outgoing monies.

Individually, each SPACEFILES episode is a “stand-alone”. For TV the series works for prime-time slots, science magazines, informational and educational programming, and as a perfect schedule-filler. It is during the schedule-fillers that I have chanced to see the 3 episodes that I have thusfar. SPACEFILES, I am informed,2 is the latest in a highly-successful format begun in 1993 with Encyclopaedia Galactica, followed in 1998 by The Complete Cosmos. SPACEFILES carries the genre brilliantly into the 21st Century. Good writing, well-checked science and glorious pictures update and elucidate the fascinating fundamentals of space and astronomy.-Ron Price with thanks to (1)SBSONE, 3:10-3:20 p.m. on 21 June 2011; and (2) “Space Files,” York Films of England, an internet site.

It’s about time that I have seen
some of this series made before
I retired from the world of being
a man employed and having time
filled with meetings & the endless
wall to wall people. I now travel in
the universe of learning; all these
years of my retirement have freed
me from FT, PT and volunteer work.

At last, I can get into science and the
cultural attainments of the mind and
not have to worry about students and
their learning.....I can worry about my
own learning and the feast is endless…
rich and glorious as it was on this cold
winter solstice travelling as I did into all
those trillions of miles of space, & stars!

Ron Price
21 June 2011[IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/Ron/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image001.gif[/IMG]

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Old 21-06-2011, 10:40 PM
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oosh (Jason)
Citizen of the Cosmos

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Join Date: Jun 2011
Location: Brisbane
Posts: 220
Thanks for the info Ron, sounds like just what I need mate. I'll keep an eye out for it
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Old 22-06-2011, 01:57 PM
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RonPrice (RonPrice)
Mr Ron Price

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Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: George Town, Tasmania, Australia
Posts: 28
Thanks oosh (Jason)

Thanks oosh (Jason). Don't forget about the Brian Cox series.-Ron Price, Tasmania
Brian Cox was on SBSONE TV again in Australia this week.(1) This Part 4 of 5 programs was broadcast in the UK in March 2010 and, as is often the case, programs made and produced in the UK—and the USA--get Downunder about a year later, sometimes more and sometimes less. As I pointed out the last time I wrote about this Brian Cox, he is not the Brian Cox who has drunk cheap wine, methylated spirits and aftershave. He's not been in some of what the sociologist Irving Goffman called total institutions: jails, lockups, and padded cells. He’s not the Brian Cox who until the age of 49 was a self-confessed and hopeless alcoholic, who turned his life around and is now a man with a mission. Again, he’s not that other Brian Cox, the Emmy award-winning actor. I want to talk about here in this short prose-poem the delightful astro-physicist. -Ron Price with thanks to (1) SBS1 TV, “Wonders of the Solar System,” 22 March 2011, 8:30-9:30 p.m.

As I said the last time I wrote
about you, Brian, I had trouble
with physics in high school and
only got as far as matriculation.
You have helped me make up for
my ignorance of physics, & astro-
physics, astronomy and the study
of our universe. As I said 4 months
ago: I dropped physics in ’62 for history
so that I could go to university and I’ve
been into history ever since, Brian. History
has as many wonders as astro-physics, Brian.

Without physics I could not do medicine,
law, engineering, or any of the maths and
sciences. So it was into the arts for me and
there I have stayed for the last 50 years!

Now, in my retirement, I have begun to play
at the edges of astrophysics thanks to, by
sensible and insensible degrees, a series of
media-events, like this Cox chap who could
make you feel the wonder and awe of it all:
3 cheers again for Brian Cox!...Hip-hip-hurray!

Ron Price
30 December 2010 updated to

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Old 22-06-2011, 03:56 PM
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oosh (Jason)
Citizen of the Cosmos

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Join Date: Jun 2011
Location: Brisbane
Posts: 220
Cheers Ron I've seen wonders of the solar system & loved it. Still looking to find wonders of the universe
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Old 29-08-2013, 10:52 PM
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RonPrice (RonPrice)
Mr Ron Price

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Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: George Town, Tasmania, Australia
Posts: 28
It's Been More Than 2 Years

It's Been More Than 2 Years...since posting but:
You can go to the astronomy section of my website and, among other things, see my summary of the Catalyst program on ABC! TV from 8 to 8:30 p.m. on 29/8/'13 at this link:
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Old 11-02-2015, 08:52 PM
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RonPrice (RonPrice)
Mr Ron Price

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Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: George Town, Tasmania, Australia
Posts: 28
After Nearly 4 years


Part 1:

In the southern hemisphere's summer of 2014-2015, the black hole at the centre of our Milky Way has been getting ready to feast. I was enjoying the first of the summers which I would have in my life during my 70s. I had taken an early retirement some 15 years before and I was also enjoying the intellectual feast that was prepared for me on the world-wide-web. My three children had all left the family nest, and grand-children occupied space out on the periphery of my universe. I served as the secretary and publicity-officer of the local Baha'i group, went for a walk everyday, and socialized in the main with my wife of 40 years.

A gas cloud three times the size of our planet was straying this summer within the gravitational reach of this our nearest super-massive black hole, and was about to be eaten-alive. Across the globe, telescopes were being trained on the heart of our Milky Way galaxy, some 27,000 light years from Earth. Astronomers were living in the expectation of observing this unique spectacle in the cosmos. For cosmic detectives across the Earth, it was a unique opportunity. For the first time in the history of science, they hoped to observe in action the awesome spectacle of a feeding super-massive black hole.

Part 1.1:

I had just finished my dinner which was about as far from an awesome spectacle as one could get in the evening of my life. I watched a program on SBS TV on 9/2/'15 at 7:30 p.m. entitled: Swallowed By A Black Hole. It helped to have some knowledge of both quasars and black holes to really appreciate this program. It also helped to know something about astronomy and physics, astrophysics and mathematics.

Part 2:


Quasars, or quasi-stellar radio sources, are the most energetic & distant members of a class of objects called active galactic nuclei (AGN). Quasars are extremely luminous and were first identified as being high red-shift sources of electromagnetic energy, including radio waves and visible light, that appeared to be similar to stars, rather than extended sources similar to galaxies. Their luminosity can be 100 times greater than that of the Milky Way. A quasar is a compact region in the center of a massive galaxy surrounding a central super-massive black hole. Its size is 1010,000 times what is called the Schwarzschild radius of the black hole. The energy emitted by a quasar derives from mass falling onto the accretion disc around the black hole. I leave it to readers with the interest to search-out the meaning of terms here which, in all likelihood, they do not understand.

Part 2.1:

It can be shown that quasars are between 600 million, and 29 billion light-years away. Because of the great distances to the farthest quasars and the finite velocity of light, we see them and their surrounding space as they existed in the very early universe. For more on quasars and AGN, as well as explanations of the many complex terms, go to:

Part 3:


The idea of a body so massive that even light could not escape was first mentioned by John Michell in a letter written to Henry Cavendish in 1783 of the Royal Society. Black holes are mathematically defined regions of space-time exhibiting such a strong gravitational pull that no particle or electromagnetic radiation can escape from it. Black holes, defined and described as regions of space from which nothing can escape, was first published by David Finkelstein in 1958, and black holes became mainstream subjects of research.

Part 3.1:

After a black hole has formed, it can continue to grow by absorbing mass from its surroundings. By absorbing other stars and merging with other black holes, super-massive black holes of millions of solar masses may form. There is general consensus that super-massive black holes exist in the centers of most galaxies. The core of the Milky Way contains a super-massive black hole of about 4.3 million solar masses.

The theory of general relativity predicts that a sufficiently compact mass can deform space-time to form a black hole. For more on black holes go to: This subject really requires some knowledge of physics, astrophysics, astronomy and mathematics. The layman and amateur like myself can only grasp the content to a limited extent.-Ron Price, Pioneering Over Five Epochs, 11/2/'15.

Part 4:

These are subjects which
the average person can't
get their head around; the
numbers are just too big
and the concepts behind
the numbers require the
study of astronomy and
physics, astrophysics, &
mathematics. The average
punter, occupied as he or
she is with the mundane
and the quotidian, with a
job and family life, with
an interest in gardening
and sport, perhaps, bush-
walking and swimming,
is just not on the money
for the complex, distant,
scientific phenomena at
the centre of our Milky
Way galaxy at a 27,000
light-year outpost, in a
state of utter remoteness.

Ron Price
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animation, astronomy, learning terms, television

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