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Good stuff Mark, glad to see you're making progress, congratulations! I'm following a similar curve to you at the moment (no pun intended!). While I've had an SA100 for almost 15 years and have taken vast numbers of spectra (particularly of novae and comets), I've never taken spectroscopy any further than raw, uncorrected spectra. Happy just to have spectra that broadly categorised objects and to leave the hard work to the professionals (and keen amateurs)!

However with arrival of some new equipment at the start of the year and with the subsequent lockdown, I decided to explore spectroscopy a little deeper. So I've attached my first ever spectrum corrected for instrument response! Nothing flash, just Alnair (Alpha Gruis), but I'm immensely proud of it & can't stop looking at it LOL! I normally use BassProject but used RSpec only because I found YouTube instructional videos for the processing.

The other spectrum is of comet C/2020 F8 (SWAN) taken early last month. So far it has resisted my attempts at correcting for instrument response but I haven't given up yet (mind you I've generated some weird and wonderful looking graphs! ). I'm using a ZWO colour camera - like most things it's a compromise. Not good for a lot of things I do but then a mono camera won't produce colour comet shots without a lot of work. Great to have the extended wavelength range, particularly for the main comet CN line at 388.3nm (not gettable with standard DSLR).

Anyway, good luck with it Mark and keep posting on your progress. Thanks too Ken, you're always willing to help people and provide them with great advice.

Cheers -
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