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What ASI cam do you have currently?

For me the most important consideration is working out your specific use case.

Is the camera solely for Astro and solely for DSO? If your not wanting any daytime use out if it, then my feeling would be to buy a dedicated CMOS Astro camera, if the one you have is not suitable already.

Iím still very much a novice imager, but I broke the process down into steps.

1. Scope and mount stuff: accurate alignment/goto/tracking. Accurate focus.
2. Hardware/software: mount talking to computer. Computer talking to camera. Configuring capture, goto, plate solving software. acquisition of the data
3. Post processing or near real time processing.

I started with a DSLR, as my main hobby is photography, but even so quickly shifted to a Astro cam. The primary driver for this was wanting to learn near real time imaging as an intermediary step (and a genuine interest in it). A dedicated cam and sharpcap is much easier for this than the alternatives (astrotoaster, dslr and backyard EOS etc)

If a DSLR is the definite way forward, with no daytime use, I would suggest a used Astro modified one. They are quite cheap! Otherwise go the whole hog and get the current Sony full frame mirrorless. Greg has made some great posts on these.


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