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Back to the camera question for a moment, as Tony suggested the Nikon D5600 is a nice camera, but you don't need all the features for AP. The Nikon D5300 uses exactly the same sensor as the D5600, and is a lower cost option.

As far as scopes are concerned, if your going for a DSLR camera, try to get a fast (f ratio) scope, to facilitate shorter exposure times. Chris is right SCTs are a harder place to start. Aim for f4 if you can, which translates to a Newt on an EQ mount, which would be the budget option for DSOs.
You could potentially stick the 10" Dob on an EQ mount but it would need a fairly hearty mount to carry it, you would need a tube ring set as well.
You can buy very fast scopes, like f2, if you have the money, but most folks start with a basic f4 or f5 Newt, say 8" in diametre. It's a good size, will grab DSOs, low cost, but get the imaging version ( which has the focuser positioned for imaging. Stock visual newts don't usually have enough in focus travel for cameras.
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