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8" newtonian cell

Up for sale is a very recently purchased 8" Orion Optics newtonian mirror cell. I bought this because I had some issues with my TS mirror cell and thought this one might be better. Having this one gave me the confidence to tweak the TS one and I now find that I'm happier with the TS one.

One thing to note with this cell is that one of the collimation knobs is very easy to adjust, one is moderately stiff and the other is really stiff. Of course you can collimate with just two knobs so I'd advise not using the stiff one... then again, maybe you can figure out why it's so stiff and fix it.

Also comes with two additional sets of larger rear supports. Honestly not sure why it came with them though as the holes drilled in them don't match the spacing on the mirror cell itself... seems like these supports belong to bigger versions of their cell.

New price is about $270 AUD plus postage from Europe. Make me an offer.
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