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Two interesting double stars. Thanks for your report John.

No, you are not the only one still "doing nutty stuff like chasing obscure double stars”. I am still in the zone, but have been out of action for a while whilst we complete a long and drawn out move from Tinderbox to Kingston. It has been all about downsizing from acreage to be closer to services etc. I still cannot believe how much stuff I had accumulated in 26 years at Tinderbox. Condensing my workshop and moving lathes, milling machines and the like has been epic.

Whilst closer to Hobart, the night sky at Kingston is not as bad as I had feared. Kingston is south of Hobart, so the views to the high southern skies are still quite acceptable. Not pristine though. I hope to have telescopes and a small portable observatory set up next month. Then I’ll be back under the double stars!

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