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3 x USB2 cables ( no longer than 5m , better if 3m long or less depending on whether your hub is located near the mount or located away near the laptop )
Buy a Startech 4 port USB3 powered hub
Guide camera USB cable straight to laptop if using PHD2
Main imaging camera to laptop USB cable can go via the powered USB3 hub ( eg Startech 4 port powered USB3 hub )
Mount to laptop can go via a powered USB3 hub ( eg Startech 4 port Powered USB hub )
Hub can be located either near mount or near laptop ( mine is near laptop ) I use USB3 cables as my laptop has USB3 ports . Everyone’s situation is different
Unpowered Hubs can cause problems
Cheap crappy Chinese USB cables can cause problems
Guide camera if USB3 can still work with USB2 cable but may have issues if USB2 cable is poor quality or too long

USB cables can be troublesome due to quality, length and compatibility
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