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I think BYEOS works in a similar fashion where a Dither is sent as a random number of pixels in X and Y set under Aggressiveness
Then there is a Settle parameter which specifies how far off the star is from the lock position before the Dither is considered successful
Then a Calm down period which is a set number of seconds between dithering to allow PHD2 to stabilise

The weather on the NSW mid to south east coast during December and January has been ordinary this summer for AP , cloudy , very very hot , thunderstorms and very few clear nights ( only had 3 or 4 nights imaging in just over 2 months ) typical summer

Will see what February brings and hopefully can try some Dithering on BYEOS and PHD2

One question , in PHD2 ( Brain- Global tab ) should I set dithering to random or spiral ??? Any other settings in PHD2 I should be aware of ???

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