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Originally Posted by barx1963 View Post
OK everyone, please be gentle. I have a had a first go a a real life sketch. Did a few practice ones before trying in the dark. First thing I have discovered is that the dark adds a whole new dimension to the difficulty of rendering a sketch. Much harder to get nice round stars, spacing of objects is much harder. So anyways I decided to have a go at Stu Parkers SN in 1404 as I had observed the field only a fortnight ago over 3 nights so could find it without even a chart.
Attached is my result, the second one has the SN marked.

Well done Malcolm. You have all the major elements of what you set out to sketch so nothing wrong there. You now have a permanent record of your observation of that SN.

To get pin point round stars make sure your pencil is sharp. Put it down once on the paper and roll it between your thumb and fingers then lift. Don't attempt to go over it, you will miss in the dark. Touch it up once inside if needs be.

Use a seperate pencil for galaxies and nebulae. I got myself a range of pencils to experiment with, they are cheap enough.

You might also find that inverting the image gives a more pleasing final result. Gimp is sufficient for this, you don't need anything fancy.
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