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Hi folks,

I wasn't able to get to a dark site this November New Moon, but I also wasn't about to let the best evening sky Sydney's just about had all year go unexploited.

I've been wanting to see how a large sketch would go using A3 paper, so I aimed for a three in one combination of M42, M43 & the Running Man (NGC 1977) nebulae. Being done from my backyard at home in Sydney, the full potential of the trio wouldn't quite be there, but the exercise was to push the envelop composition wise and see what to look out for when I revisit the trio from a dark site.

Using my 17.5", the field of view in the sketch is approximately that seen with my 30mm TMB Paragon, a bit over 1degree. This leaves the Running Man half cut out, and M42 also cropped, but the full extent of it wasn't visible from home.

I also mixed up the pastels used too, this time employing white, green and blue pastels.

There's something not quite right with the depiction of M42. I'll leave it to having done the sketch after midnight and fatigue being a factor.

I hope you still enjoy it.

Objects: M42, M43 & NGC 1977
Scope: 17.5" push-pull dob
Gear: 16mm Unitron Konig, 125X, & OIII filter
Date: 27th November 2011
Location: Sydney, Oz
Media: White, blue & green pastels, black charcoal & white ink on A3 size black paper
Duration: 2hrs.
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