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Hi Rod,

I have not read all the replies, but if I had $1000 for a cemera I would go for a Canon EOS 300D (Rebel, Kiss). The 350D and 20D have recently hit the market and there are a few of these 300D's on the second-hand market now. A mate just got one for about $1000 ('Trade-Me'). The beauty of these is that you can remove the IR filter and get a camera that is much more receptive in the hydrogen-alpha (the reds of emission nebulae).

I would hazzard to say that internationally this is the most popular 'cheaper' digital SLR. The lenses detach like a normal SLR, and a T-Ring and barrel are put into the eyepiece holder of the scope to do prime focus astrophography.

I have the 300D's big brother - the 10D (same chip but magnessium alloy cased - as oppossed to plastc for the 300D - but who's going to drop it anyhow?)


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