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USB2 & USB3 Info Update

Over on CNs there is a recent (short) thread on problems with USB3 on this new generation of ZWO cameras (and this is not just a 1600 issue), all of the ZWO USB3 cameras can suffer from comms defaulting to USB2, but the computer it is plugged into can be the cause of that fallback, not the camera. Sam from ZWO got onto the thread and has linked in a set of instructions from the ZWO forum, and this is worth reading for anyone with a 1600. Basically, Sam advises:

"this is usually because of host USB3.0 controller, a driver update would fix this problem". This refers to your laptop or PC USB3 controller driver.
In my recent Teamviewer session with Sam, he upgraded my laptop USB3 controller to the one recommended in his forum post. Which is the:

intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller

Here is the CN thread link:

and here is the ZWO forum instruction post:

Sam lists many incompatible USB3 host controllers in that thread.

It is easy to check your installed USB3 driver, just go into the Device Manager section and check which USB3 controller is loaded on your laptop or PC.
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