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Originally Posted by Camelopardalis View Post
Glen, having worked in support before myself, you have to accept that this is peoples jobs and they're not interested in the slightest about what else you may or may not have on your computer, they just want to fix the problem so you can get on and use the product as intended, whether it's hardware or software.

Declining hands-on help from the head guy sounds like cutting off your nose...sorry if that's a little too graphic, but you're complaining about an issue but don't want the manufacturers to help No ill will on my part, just an outsiders view. If you want me to delete this I will
Dunk i admit i have a problem turning over my one and only computer to a guy from China, regardless of his position as a supplier. My whole life is tied up in that computer, from my banking activities, to my childrens photos. It is entirely my choice. I am happy to send the camera back to him if he wishes. I too have been involved in computer support, both as a programmer and as the manager of a major bank's infrastructure. I would not grant a local support guy direct access to my computer either. There is always a risk associated with remote access without adequate secutiry protocols. A virus can be planted without my knowledge, and he may not even be aware he is carrying it. I know nothing of any safe guards he may have, or not have, or what his system has been connected to. Again it is my choice, if it means i wait a bit longer for a fix so be it.
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