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Originally Posted by bert View Post
Has anybody done any testing of the ZWO in binned operation?

Was looking at this camera for dual purpose camera. Both 400mm and around 2.8meters (bin 3). Thoughts?
Sounds like an excellent idea, with one minor issue.

I recall reading (somewhere) some ZWO advice that the chip falls back to lower bit depth on binning. Haven't tried it, but even if it is so, you could still use it effectively, because the read noise is low enough for software binning.

Depending on where you set the gain, in software binx3, you could have effective pixels with 11.4 microns pitch, read noise ~ 9e and well depth of ~180,000e. The minor issue would be that you would have to store and process 9x as many subs as you would with on-chip binning.
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