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Well i made a decision, based on flexibility of being able to be used on any scope up to F3 i went with the moravian camera setup.

for me it was clear, the moravian had its own camera software as well as the fact it had ASCOM drivers, the QSI had a lite version of maxim, so if you wanted full functionality you needed maximdl and be $500 poorer, but it also has ASCOM drivers so I could have used other software – but I don’t have to buy software with the Moravian.

The QSI had a maximum filter of 8 1.25”, the Moravian had a 12 position filter wheel but I chose to get the 10 position and use 36mm filters – using 9 filters.

Pricewise they were both close, with the Moravian cheaper on comparative 8 filters option, but the Moravian is more modular than the QSI.

Off axis guider – both cameras had the option

Build – I know the Moravian cameras have selected sensors, not so sure about the QSI but having seen both at astorfest the Moravian does look more robust. Both can be cooled to a massive amount (we will call it -20C) which could be maintained throughout the year. The QSI is more compact.

While it probably wont be the choice made by some others I think it has been a process where you have to choose your use, scope selection and useability. I couldn’t afford the astrodons, maybe for me with my level of ability and use I also couldn’t justify the cost? If I win lotto eh ?
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