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Originally Posted by troypiggo View Post
I'll PM you
Don't buy any software via Ebay from the seller called raptorscience .

I am now excallating the dispute with this seller as raptorscience tried fogging me off , said it must me me and not the copy he sold me.

I'll keep you guys posted .

tI reminded raptorscience there are two satisfactory resolutions to this ie -
raptorscience can send me a genuine Adobe CS3 Extended (new unused retail / shop version) - one that will actually work !!!
raptorscience can send me a full refund of the transaction.

I have reminded raptorscience that I am fully entitled to a full refund under Australian comsumer protection laws since I have not recieved what I was lead by raptorscience 's Ebay advert to believe I was getting (e a genuine Adobe CS3 Extended ,the FULL unused retail / shop version).
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