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Must have bought a dodgey copy from that Ebay seller in Melbourne who I bought it off.

As I can only get then shared components to install , and CS3 Ext wont install at all from the disk that came in the box.

I've been trying to install it all afternoon and it's no good. Plus the installer seems to hang and stop responding too , I have to eject and reinstall the disk to get it to continue. 3 dammed attempts at installing it and 5 hours later .... diddlely !!!! and I'm just seeing red.

Anyone had similar experiences with their Ebay CS Retail Packs bought from Australian sellers. ..... I'm not bloody impressed , I don't like blowing nearly $100 on something that I can't use , if I can't get satisfaction (I've complaigned via Ebay to the seller) , I'll be leaving neg feedback and going to PayPal Disputes. I'll also be getting onto my Visa card provider and letting them know about what looks like a fraudulent sale.

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