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Originally Posted by wasyoungonce View Post
Hi Gents...back from C6/7 spinal fusion surgery, a few days ago.

I cannot do a lot atm "mucho sore"...but I can do some. I hope to much better in a few weeks.

If you want some PCB changes...then list them and I'll do them. Luka I will try incorporate changes/deficiencies we noted in my original board. I do have a list but we need to consolidate them.

Or if you want I can send you the Eagle PCB files and you can make the changes. As long as you allow us to copy these for our use.

Ouch, take care !
Be carefull : if you see more stars at night, it might come from surgery...

About pcb mod : this is very kind also, i don't know if this is difficult or not...
For me the number one is a bigger hole, adjusted to copper sensor back.
Connectors for everything : DS18B20 / DHT22 / TEC / USB / Power
Luka's suggestion are also very good points...
How can i help ?
(this is a september play, i have time, take care of you)

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