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Hi Gilles,

The latest version is in folder "Cam86 ver 2, 18 Dec final corrections". There is also a version by Filip called Cam86_final_filip.
Take a pick...

You will need to wait for Brendan to confirm all the changes. From memory:
- the FET controlling the TEC has been upgraded as it was way too weak in the original version.
- added 3 capacitors to stabilise the input of DD6, however, this was a mistake and they are too far from DD6. They will need to be moved close to DD6, actually they should be directly next to DD6.
- improved the power connector. The original was rated only 2A while more current can be used by the camera, depending on the TEC. We doubled-up the wires to double the maximum current as we could not find a connector with larger rating but with a small size.

Since building the boards, there were few more things I wish we had changed:
- the holes for the TEC wiring are too small
- need to look into and possibly add +ve and GND holes for connecting the sensors. If there is enough place then probably even add the connectors for the sensors.
- possibly a larger hole for the cold finger

I don't think we changed the 3.3V regulator, we decided to go with 9V for the camera power instead. I don't think that the original design of going 12V to 3.3V is a good idea as there will always be lots of heat generation but using DC-DC converters would probably cause noise.
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