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Hi All

I am interested if and how anyone is measuring doubles. I have been keenly and regularly observing doubles for a long time and have started to become more interested in measurements in the last 4 or 5 years.

Visually, I have tried my illuminated reticle eyepiece with crosshairs. For software I have tried Reduc (Florent Losse) and XParallax (Valencia University). I have decided to go down the AstroArt path for image processing, and part of my reasoning was that it includes some Photometry and Astrometry tools. I will see how they go. Also, I now have AstroArt7. So far, I have had limited success regarding accuracy.

If anyone is using something like a filar micrometer, I would be interested to know where you got it.

I don't want to hi-jack the thread, but this seemed to be a good place for the question.

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