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I mean "personal best" as in I image the chosen target to get the best result I can with my knowledge and equipment and share it along with everyone elses attempts. Of course feedback is welcome but I don't get why there has to be a winner? As David mentioned there are some members here with truly excellent setups, with the skills to match, that would surely 'win' every month. Unless you want to have a few categories like beginner/mid/expert, ccd/dslr?

The way I see it is it's similar to the way people already post their images to the forum except that it's a target picked by the group (or some other way?) and it's a single thread with everyone's attempt.
In fact it needs be nothing more than someone starting a thread with "Post your best/favorite image of X taken this year". If the target is something that most would not have already imaged then, for the majority, it will be something that we go out and image specifically to share in the thread.
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