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I think that if we split in CCD and DSLR we automatically differentiate. CCD tends to be more expensive both in terms of equipment and time. I have yet to hear about the guy shooting with a 350D on a Paramount MX

Of course the targets have to be different so no comparison would take place (even if unintended).

And by limiting the date of the picture to no more than 6 months prior to contest date, should limit "best picture in my library" kind of posts.

And, yes, CN does allow new comers. Of course the winners tend to be from within the same well known groups but that's not to say that if I have a very good picture I'm not going to win. It's the same bunch because of the experience and the knowledge. However, written kudos are not very expensive and I see no harm in sending them where credit is due (obvious newcomer with a good amount of effort).
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