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I may be incorrect here, but as far as I understand it, you will no longer need to remote release cable if using a PC. (If you're just running the cam without a PC, you will still need it)

On older models, you needed a parallel or serial cable (see Shoestring astronomy) which the software would trigger to release the shutter, as well as the USB cable for downloading the images and controlling the camera settings.

On the 40D (and presumably the 450D), this functionality is now offered via the standard USB cable (ie they've opened up the API to allow longer exposures controlled by computer instead of the max 30 seconds). You'll still have to wait for the software to get up to speed with the new feature (I think ImagesPlus might already have this - someone should check in with them), but it's one less headache. You could of course just use the software that Canon provide for the Live/Remote stuff, but not as automated as many other tools for "runs" of exposures.

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