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Watec 120N+ integrating camera

Due to the cloud I haven't been able to test this Watec 120N+ camera under the stars as an imaging camera in its own right (I've been using it as my guiding camera). However I was wondering how it would go with various integrations starting at 1/50th sec up to 120 seconds integration. In the photo Ive arranged them as a snake from shortest integ to 120 sec integ. Also are two larger frames, one is a 60 sec dark at 25deg C and the other a 60 sec integ pointed at a visually dark surburban area.
It really seems to integrate well and I was extremely surprised at the 60 sec dark frame as I can only see a few hot pixels which look essentially the same as a 120 sec dark.
However I purchased a very cheap video USB grabber ($30) on ebay and when you look at a static picture I can see fluctuating lines crossing the screen at an angle from left to right. In bright light when doing an avi its not there, so I think its some sort of interference when I integrate and download the picture. Sometimes with some settings the frame is actually posterised You can see that in the background picture.
Anyone some suggestions other than pay $2-300 for a better frame grabber. Any reasonable recomendations welcome.
Regards, Allan
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