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Hi Lucas, that's some good work and timely on spacing. I was just starting to think about this. That tilt-able flange is is a very good idea.

I've finished the digikey parts list...found quite a few changes between the Cam85m and FADDYs version. This will make it a little difficult to PCB CAD draw, I'll have to use FADDYs gerbers to understand the differences. This'll add more time to completing this. I only have one more package to draw, the shielded inductors, 2525 package. As usual, inductor pad sizes on parts like this are not a common sizes across mfgrs.

Yes I made an error with the sensor 32 pins (it's 34)...I even made this error when drawing the CAD package and had to fix it. Damn 32 pins on the brain!
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