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Originally Posted by alocky View Post
I also use the Astronomik CLS on my Nikon DSLR. Although I've only used it once, I found it introduced a very strange, non-linear background colour gradient. I'm expecting a light-box in a few days, so I'll be able to tell if this was the filter or the sky soon enough. It was relatively straightforward to deal with in Pixinsight, and the improvement in the image was noticeable.
Thanks Andrew!

Something to watch out for.

Originally Posted by alistairsam View Post
Hi Justin,
I'm not sure how the filters would help as you are already imaging from dark skies and you have very little light pollution.
Most of the LP filters are band pass so would reject light, but you don't have much to reject in terms of LP. so not sure how any filter would help.
I'm interested to know your thoughts though?

I can only imagine better response if you removed the factory IR filter.
As you'd know, there's the noise to contend with as you increase your exposure duration.
Your probably right Alistair, but I won't know unless I try.
Have'nt heard or seen imges taken with a CLS filter from a dark site.

Noise will increase, the orion cooler box will help although I'm not impressed with it's performace so far.
It started cooling at 15c below ambient but now is at 10C below, a long way from the up 24c below ambient touted on the orion website.
I'll be contacting BINTEL about this.
I'm not really interested in modding the camera, I'll probably cnosider a cooled CCD in the future.


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