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Originally Posted by Kunama View Post
The two (12mmT4 & 22mmT4) do not behave the same. I too had issues with the 12mmT4 but found no such problems with the 22mmT4. Just because it is written on CN, doesn't make it so.
The Naglers are certainy no match for orthos for sharpness, as Phil mentioned, but given their wide field they are an excellent choice. Having said that, my 2cents is that for sharpness in the Televue wide fields, it is hard to go past the Delos.

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So, all those people who've had issues wth the 22t4 and 12t4 are all lying? yeah, right...

I've lost my patience trying to get the 12mm to work - it's serious black outs no matter what I do...but, i guess you'll say I'm either lying or incompetent eh?

Funny thing is, I don't have issues with other eyepieces...and my issues with the 12t4 echo that of many other users...
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