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Originally Posted by dpastern View Post
I don't have the 22mmT4, but I do have the 12mmT4 and well...hate it. Eye placement on the T4's is truly HORRID. I'd read about them being finicky, but didn't realise they'd be that bad, otherwise I'd have passed on the eyepiece. The 22mmT4 suffers from the same eyepiece placement issues as the 12mm btw.

I have a nice TAL 24mm 80 degrees eyepiece which is much nice in terms of eye placement, has a slightly warmer tone, is cheaper and is just as sharp. ymmv.
If you don’t have the Nagler 22T4 how can you claim to know it suffers from the same placement issue

I observe with glasses....and have never had a “eyepiece placement” problem with any of the EP’s in my apart from unusual cases extremely bad EP’s .....I think these effects are more of a individual experience than across the board.
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