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In a forthcoming post, I shall try to summarize the many good suggestions that have been made so far, as to how to improve our ability to see faint objects in the telescope.

I am glad the active observers are chipping in, with many suggestions.
We have got a lot of worthwile techiques together, in a short period of time!

Of course, moving to a binocular telescope is another good way to see more. In a side by side comparison, for example, I found that an 8 inch binocular telescope was about equivalent to a 10 inch "monocular" telescope, and there were types of objects where the binocular improvement over a standard 8 inch monocular telescope was even greater:
- angular resolution significantly improved
- Dark nebula observing becomes a really major event, for people with binocular telescopes!

I have not done any detailed assessment of how binocular vision deals with very low surface brightness light at the edge of detectability, as compared to monocular vision.
But I did have a period when I used only 10by50s , and my impression was that there are times when you see low surface brightness nebulosity in binos that would be too hard to see in a monocular telescope of the same design and aperture.

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