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Modded 40D, badd experience for Astro


Tonight i gave the modded 40D a shot, first impression for astro use.. no good. i can't do it. Live view doesn't cut it for me even on bright stars. I'm so hoping that DSLR Focus will support the 40D one day, hoping but i know it never will. Camera functions are everywhere. Whatever it is, im just having bad experience with it since day 1. My previous modded 350d was simple and effective.

The IDAS LPS2 filter doesnt work properly on it too. The camera is overly sensitive on the red channel even with the LPS2 filter and UV/IR. Maybe the camera wasn't colour balanced correctly as it was in AWB mode but stilll. Ended up packing everything away in frustration.

attached is ETA 60sec shot at ISO400 with UV/IR, IDAS LPS2 filter in AWB mode . Please ignore the tracking, focus etc was a pure test only. scope not even collimated. As you can see, the red is just overly strong.

Might see it in the for sale section soon....
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