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Thanks everyone for your help! :-)

I'll try to cover off on all the questions you have asked:

* Definitely using hysteresis algorithm for RA
* Max guide pulse on RA has been set to 400 for that chart. It was at 1000 I think, maybe 1200, but that was causing it to constantly be correcting in alternate directions (and I ended up with square stars) so I dropped it thinking that was too much
* I didn't save a log.. I thought I checked that option but when I went to retrieve the log it wasn't there
* Already using EQMOD, definitely going to look into PEC... how long does that take? I understand you should do it each time you change anything (including balance, I assume), so it seems like it should be more or less part of the daily set up

I tried shifting the RA axis by hand today... if there was a backlash problem should I be able to feel anything? Feels very smooth in both directions.

The chart really would make sense if it was a backlash / balance problem. I've tried balancing in all directions, but I haven't been particularly precise about it, other than having tried "perfect", east heavy to an arbitrary degree and the same for west... maybe there's a sweet spot that I've missed.
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